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Our specialized car detailing website design services are crafted to convert visitors into leads and rank high on Google. For detailing, tint, PPF, and vinyl wrap shops.

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auto detailing website designs that actually convert

Auto Detailing Website Design BeforeAuto Detailing Website Design After

What’s the point of having a website that sits on the last page of Google and doesn’t get you any leads? Even if you manage to get some visitors, the conversion rate may be so low that you don’t get any leads. Auto detailing website design is crucial for guiding users to submit forms at key points and providing the information they need.

Our designs are based on hours of extensive industry research and mimic the customer journey of your ideal avatar.

Our website content addresses the pain points of clients and gives them all the information they need to book the service with your shop.

You will also get custom PPF and window tint renders to visualize customers what exactly they are getting with the service.

We also offer custom vinyl wrap and window tint visualizers as part of some of our website design packages.

Tired of having a website that’s hiding on the last page of Google? Reach out to us and we’ll make sure you have the best website in your local area.

Auto Detailing Website Design BeforeAuto Detailing Website Design After
Window Tinting Website Design BeforeWindow Tinting Website Design After
Window Tint and Paint Protection Film Visualizers
What sets our detailing websites apart

Professional websites for
detailing, tint, PPF & Wrap SHOPS

Window Tint and Paint Protection Film Visualizers

Having worked in sales for multiple car re-styling shops, I know what questions customers are asking. I know that customers have no idea what the difference between paint protection film and ceramic coating is. I know how to add subtle hints to get people to submit quote requests for ceramic tint instead of carbon tint.

Our websites include:

  • PPF & Tint Renders
  • Vinyl Wrap & Tint Visualizers
  • Fast Load Times
  • Website Content Written to Rank
  • Technical SEO
  • Edits When You Need


The best part is – you own your website. Unlike other agencies, we don’t charge extortionate hosting fees; we guide you to purchase your own hosting so that the website is 100% yours.

At Detail Scale, we build websites that are not only visually appealing but also optimized to rank at the top of Google for your services. Get in touch if you are ready to double/triple your website leads.


Auto Detailing CRM


We offer a full-fledged CRM with our website design services. This will allow you to keep track of all your leads, send them automatic SMS follow-ups to get them to book, send proposals and invoices, and even accept tap-to-pay in your shop for easier payments.

We’ve tweaked an industry-famous HighLevel CRM to be the perfect CRM for auto shops so that you as a shop owner can track and manage everything to the best of your ability.



Rank at the top of Google for all your services


Ads that actually produce revenue and get you sales


Track your ad performance, automated texts to leads and more


Wow potential customers with a high-converting website

Multiple themes to choose from

Auto Detailing Website design themes

Eccentric Detailing Website Design


The Eccentric theme is colorful and full of personality. It features dynamic visuals and elements that capture attention and engage visitors, perfect for businesses looking to stand out and make a memorable impression.
Professional Auto Detailing Website Design


The Professional theme offers a clean, sleek, and modern design. Emphasizing clarity and professionalism with a minimalist aesthetic, it ensures an elegant and user-friendly experience that instills trust and credibility.
Bold Auto Detailing Website Design


The Bold theme is striking and impactful, using strong visuals and powerful layouts to create a commanding presence online. Perfect for those who want to convey strength and confidence through their web design.
detailing website design faqs

Frequently asked questions about our website design

After building many detailing sites, we’ve found WordPress to be the best website builder due to the flexibility it offers. I would stay away from builders like GoDaddy.

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