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High-Quality Car Detailing Leads with Google Ads

Get the best quality detailing leads with our Google Ads Services. For detailing, tint, PPF, and vinyl wrap shops.

Auto detailing leads

shop owners, does this sound like you?

Do you worry about where your next car detailing leads are coming from?

Are you tired of getting messages in your inbox from people who ask about the price but then vanish without a word?

Do you spend weekends worrying about work rather than enjoying time off with family?

Are you scared of losing customers to someone who charges less than $100 per detail/tint job?

Do you blame the slow economy for a lack of jobs, even though other shops are booked for weeks?

Are you dependent on referrals from current clients?

Have you signed up for Yelp hoping that it brings you some business?

Do you run detailing Facebook ads but every time you call a lead it feels like a cold call?

car detailing leads that actually convert

Car Detailing Leads

Let’s face it. You don’t just want leads; you want jobs that actually convert into revenue. Metrics like “100+ Leads” or “$5 cost per lead” are meaningless if those leads aren’t converting into paying customers.

At Detail Scale, our car detailing ads are set up to bring you the highest quality leads possible in your area. We focus on targeting potential customers who are actively searching for your services, so you can physically see your revenue rising.

As a business owner, my biggest wins come when my clients succeed. Whether it’s helping a shop secure $30k in PPF jobs, generating 60+ leads monthly through their website, or taking a detailer to consistently hit $20,000 months, that’s what makes me happiest. You can check out our detailing case studies here.

Car Detailing Leads
Auto Detailing Leads
Leads that bring you revenue

SPECIALIZED Google Ads for
detailing, tint, PPF & Wrap SHOPS

Auto Detailing Leads

You might have ran auto detailing Facebook ads before for and even gotten a decent amount of leads. However, you’ve probably experienced frustration every time you call them and either they don’t answer, or they have no idea who you are. And the ones you are able to provide a quote just ghost you.

We don’t run ads like these. We run highly targeted Google ads for car detailing that pinpoint people who are ready to buy your service. This means fewer wasted calls and more conversions.

Here’s how we do it:

  • Keyword Targeting: We target specific keywords that potential customers are searching for, ensuring your ads reach people with a high intent to purchase.
  • Geo-Targeting: We focus on your local area to attract customers who are most likely to convert.
  • Ad Optimization: Continuous A/B testing and optimization to ensure your ads are performing at their best.
  • Landing Pages: Custom landing pages designed to convert visitors into leads and ultimately into paying customers.


If you’re tired of where your business is at, book a call with us and we’ll craft a game-plan to double or even triple your revenue.


Auto Detailing CRM


Do you know where your revenue is coming from? Whether it’s’ coming from Google ad campaign, Facebook campaign, SEO or word-of-mouth. If you don’t know what your biggest source of revenue is, you will never be able to double down on that source to grow.

We offer a full-fledged CRM with all our services. This will allow you to keep track of all your leads, send them automatic SMS follow-ups to get them to book, send proposals and invoices, and even accept tap-to-pay in your shop for easier payments.

We’ve tweaked an industry-famous HighLevel CRM to be the perfect CRM for auto shops so that you as a shop owner can track and manage everything to the best of your ability.



Wow potential customers with a high-converting website


Rank at the top of Google for all your services


Track your ad performance, automated texts to leads and more


Ads that actually produce revenue and get you sales

Auto detailing Leads that will bring you revenue

Auto Detailing Ads Case Studies

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